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Palliative-care Nursing / Personal-care


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Your loved one is assessed as requiring Palliative-care
Compassionate care is required at short notice
Palliative-care may require some nursing as well as personal care
You want your loved one to be cared for with dignity and comfort in their own home





Provide a small team of Companions who will provide palliative-care at home
You determine the hours you require either as a planned roster or at short notice
Your Companion will have a mature personality with life experience that delivers trusted low-key home care at a stressful time for your family and friends




"I wanted to drop a special thank you to you and your team for helping us through dads last days.

You were so helpful from the get go!

Aunty Vicky and Aunty Val were both amazing and a great support to us as well as dad.

Vicky was excellent with dad, especially in the early days when he was still semi mobile. She is easy going and just went with whatever dad wanted to do.

Val was also amazing, more so in the latter days dad went downhill. Her medical knowledge, ability to talk to the doctor and nurses was a real help.

I would recommend them both and also the Good companion service to anyone, and have done! Even Hospice have asked for your details as they found both of the girls great to work with.

Thank you once again for being there in our time of need.

August 2020






Contact us for a preliminary chat and register your care request
The Good Companion works with a number of hospices and has a track record in effectively providing palliative care
Your service delivery manager will coordinate with you a time to meet and complete a palliative-care plan
Your Companion is assigned and care delivery commences with a focus on maintain dignity and comfort




No referral is necessary when engaging The Good Companion
Typical referrals for this service are made by Hospice nurses or community based Social Workers
We work alongside the hospice nurses and other DHB funded agencies
Engage The Good Companion to deliver as much or as little as you require
Services can stop / re-started at any point in time as you require





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At the Good Companion we find time and time again that the elderly are at times lonely and even a single weekly visit of a couple of hours helps. A special outing, social gardening or catching up over a cup of tea is inexpensive to put in place and can make a difference. At times we are contacted by family and friends of a rest home resident who would benefit by being visited by their own private companion. As with other aspects of life, a relatively insignificant action can assist in achieving a larger positive outcome.


If you are looking to enhance your life by making a difference in in someone else's day, consider coming aboard The Good Companion. Client assignments available on Auckland's North Shore, Henderson and a number of Wellington suburbs. If you are lucky enough to reside in the Nelson-Marlborough region we would love to connect with you. Access The Good Companion website and register via the JOIN tab.





"Thank you so much for your lovely message.


It is a very sad time for us now. Losing such a beloved family member is a completely integral part of life and nature ....but so hard to bear all the same.


Kirsty has been an incredible support for Dad. Such a wise, insightful and empathetic lady. She has been such an important part of Dad’s quality of life in the past few months - keeping up his spirits and showing him how he can participate, create, communicate and reflect in himself. I could see it has helped him immeasurably to navigate his way around the cruel handicaps that have been imposed on him by Alzheimer’s dementia. I can’t believe how lucky we were to find her and we have you to thank for that too, Jenny. You can be proud of the work you do helping people out."


May 2021




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