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Mary’s daughter, who lived out of town, asked The Good Companion to assist her elderly mother, initially for one hour per week, with grocery shopping and some housework. Mary had become quite forgetful and was starting to forget to turn things off in the kitchen; she often got lost when out walking and she was starting to struggle with keeping her home clean and tidy, but was very reluctant to have anyone in to help her.

Within one week the Companion’s hours increased to twice weekly as Mary enjoyed the company so much and felt secure.

The Companion started to help Mary with her meals and her housework, they often took her for drives or walks, and spent time doing jigsaws, going to the library for books, going to the hairdresser or out for coffee. Mary regained some self confidence and started to enjoy life again.


As time went on and as Mary’s condition deteriorated The Good Companion hours increased and she often had someone stay overnight with her as she became confused and anxious at night. They also helped Mary with showering and dressing.

The Good Companion co-ordinated her care with her doctors, and took her to appointments as needed. They helped Mary to pay her bills, answer correspondence and to look after her property. With her Companion’s help she was able to keep in touch with family and friends.


As Mary continued to deteriorate, she decided it was time to sell up and go into care. Her Companion helped her to pack up her house, organise her belongings, and made sure the house was ready for the open homes.


Mary’s Companion helped her to settle in to the rest home and continued to visit her regularly. During the last week’s of Mary’s life, her Companion sat with her during the day, helping her to eat her meals and taking her out for walks in her wheelchair, things which the rest home staff simply did not have time to do.


At all times The Good Companion communicated with Mary’s family and kept them fully informed of her health and personal care needs. The Companion that started for 1 hour per week with Mary was able to continue working with her right until she passed away, and therefore Mary felt very comfortable and secure to the end.



"Many thanks to the companions for making Hazel's final weeks/days/months so much more civilised and bearable."

Mike Norris, Akaroa




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The girls have been so excellent and have added so much enjoyment to mother’s daily life... they have changed her life from existing to living.

Polly Warren, Lincoln.



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